Party Photography

We Shoot So That You Don’t Have To!

Nothing beats having a fantastic collection of photos to remember a special event or party and The Party Paparazzi specialise in ensuring no one goes away without great memories of the night! From big screen projection to our very own green screen photo booth, we’re here to both entertain your guests and make sure every moment is captured on camera! When it comes to party photography in London, Kent and the surrounding areas, why not call on The Party Paparazzi to capture your night? We shoot so that you don’t have to!

We offer specialist party photography for:

Birthday Parties | Christmas Parties | Corporate Events & Much More!

In addition to candid and posed shots, we also offer a range of other additional options which you can see below:

Big Screen Projection

With our big screen projecrtion, we will project all of your photos onto our big screen, meaning you and your guests can instantly see yourselves in all your glory! This can add that extra special touch to any party or event and, above anything else, adds a WOW FACTOR!

Green Screen Photography

Why not go that one step further and have us bring our green screen along to your party? We can literally transport you and your guests anywhere in the world with our green screen and can also do prints on the night if you wish. This is a great way to add extra entertainment for your guests and do something completely out of this world!